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Warrior's HUD v1.5.1

Wrote on 2008/08/27

Light update.

Download Link

Site optimizations and "Maps Directory"

Wrote on 2008/06/28

I've made major optimizations to the site's language system and opened the "Maps Directory", that shows the maps available on my Tremulous servers.

New Forum!

Wrote on 2008/06/26

I have created a cool new Forum.

I have full control over this one. The old one is not hosted by be, but the new is!

Give it a try!

Servers: Walrus Cove and Warrior Unlimited

Wrote on 2008/06/10
updated on 2008/06/23

I have created a 24/7 online server.

It is located in the USA, therefore american citizens will have small ping when playing on it. Also, Unlagged is activated, providing better aim for everybody. In this moment, it is only running games with infinite build points.

Update: The server Walrus Cove has 126 build points. Look at the "Server Monitor" for the recommended servers and their settings.

Everybody is welcome!

Tremulous is Dead

Wrote on 2008/04/05

Any computer software, whose official development team is not doing the necessary code maintenance, is predestined to the failure.

This is even more true when we are talking about programs that use the Internet as its main feature. Through the Internet, everything people create to destroy what other people have created with a hard work is spread like wildfire. For multiplayer games, many types of cheats are spread through the Internet. Online games that lack the necessary maintenance are dominated by the human cruelty. Only the honest players end being harmed and disrespected.

Considering the slowness of the Tremulous developers to restrain the destructive people and to release new versions and updates, this game has obviously been dominated by the bad guys.

Warrior's HUD v1.5.0

Wrote on 2007/12/31

Major update with two big new features: Configuration Menu ("Hud Options") and Team Overlay (small scoreboard). I also did some fixes and improvements.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Download Link

Warrior's HUD v1.4.4

Wrote on 2007/11/13

Added the Stage information centered in the bottom of the screen.

Download Link

Server Monitor

Wrote on 2007/11/08

I implemented today an Server Monitor that will show live statistics about my server and the other brazilian server.

Warrior's HUD v1.4.3

Wrote on 2007/11/07

Small update only.

Download Link

Map Labyrinth (Build 21 - FINAL)

Wrote on 2007/10/09

Finally, the final version of my map. Only small changes since the previous version.


New Forum

Wrote on 2007/10/03

New Forum inaugurated today. Give it a try!

JavaScript is no more necessary

Wrote on 2007/09/30

Changed the way the website pages are sent to the user, so he doesn't need to have JavaScript enabled to navigate through the site.

However, JavaScript is still needed only to change the website's language using the menu to the left.

Server Tutorial

Wrote on 2007/07/23

Along with the new layout, I finally translated my Server Tutorial from Portuguese to English. It has been available only in Portuguese for many months so far.

New Website Layout

Wrote on 2007/07/23

I'm inaugurating today the first major overhaul of my website. It's fully compatible with the latest versions of all web browsers.

Note 1: It's highly recommended your browser's JavaScript to be enabled so you will be able to display this website correctly.

Note 2: The Portuguese version was released on July 19.

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