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Tutorial: How to create a server using the Tremded for Windows



How to Proceed

  1. Download the above files to anywhere, or directly to the places mentioned in the next instructions. To avoid problems, it's recommended to download the files directly from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.).
  2. Create the folder vm in:
    C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-WINDOWS-USER\Local settings\Application Data\Tremulous\base\vm
    [Note: YOUR-WINDOWS-USER is the folder with the same name of your Windows login]
  3. Copy the game.qvm file to the "vm" folder that you created right now.
  4. Copy the tremded.exe file to the folder where your Tremulous is installed (by default it's C:\Program files\Tremulous) making sure it stays in the same folder with tremulous.exe.
  5. Open Notepad and write:

    @"C:\Program files\Tremulous\tremded.exe" +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg
  6. Click in the File menu, go to Save As, type a filename and add ".bat" to its final. Example: MyServer.bat
    [Note: You can save it anywhere, preferentially somewhere easy to find like the Desktop]

Server Configuration

  1. To make the server work, you'll need to create a file called server.cfg in the "base" folder used by Tremded: C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-WINDOWS-USER\Local settings\Application Data\Tremulous\base
    [You can download an example file here: http://www.tremulous.info/downloads/server.cfg]
  2. In this file, it's recommended to change the value of the variables sv_hostname, g_motd, rconpassword, sv_maxclients in such way you personalize your server according to your own preferences.

Administration System

  • All admins of your server are stored in a file called admin.dat that must be located in the same folder above mentioned.
  • You can download an example file here: http://tjw.org/tremulous/sample_admin.dat
    [You'll only need to rename it to admin.dat and place it in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR-WINDOWS-USER\Local settings\Application Data\Tremulous\base]

Starting the server and adding the first Admin

  • Every time you want to run your server you'll only need to execute the .bat recently created.
  • If you did all the instructions correctly, it'll now be possible to play on the server. It's highly recommended to use the tremulous.exe update also called Backport (due to it's compatibility with the Tremulous original version), that can be downloaded here: http://tremulous.tjw.org/backport/win32/tremulous.exe
    [You need to replace the tremulous.exe found at C:\Program files\Tremulous with the new version. I suggest creating a backup of the original version in the case you need to use it again]
  • To run the server use the Tremded (use the .bat you created) and to join the game and play use the tremulous.exe.
  • When entering your server for the first time you'll not be recognized as an admin, but you can solve it very easily. Do you remember that you defined the variable rconpassword above? Then, do this:
    1. Enter in the server using the tremulous.exe (you'll always do that to play on the server);
    2. Open your game Console and type: /rcon DEFINED-PASSWORD !setlevel YOUR-NICK 5, where:
      is the value you defined for the rconpassword variable, YOUR-NICK is your nickname/name in the game and 5 is your desired admin level.
  • For all the above correctly executed, your server should be running pretty well!

Copyright © 2007-2008 Warrior.